Getting to Know the Blogger

I am retired from formal work....

Not a writer.....

Not a Politician and not always a politician.....

Work career spanned 40 years... YMCA, Consultant, Public Servant

Public Servant that was blessed with a broad scope of assignments ranging through outoordoor recreation, volunteer development, leadership development, coaching, sport, recreation resource development, Active Living, Benenefits of Recreation, association development, business planning, Alberta Recreation Survey (Chip Ross & Janet Fletcher), Faxable Facts (Roger Kramers), public libraries, community development, voluntary sector, the Wildrose Foundation and ANVSI (Alberta Not for Profit Voluntary Sector Initiative)

I did learn that you could be a public servant and not be a bureaucrat...

I made two trips to China's Heilogjiang province in 1983 to lay the ground work for Alberta/Heilogjiang sport agreement. (Jack Monaghan & Barry Mitchelson were the delegation leaders)

Four trips were made Hokkaido Japan two in 1983, one in 2004 and a final trip in 2006. Breaking ground for sport in the 80's and the voluntary sector in '04/'06.(Wildrose Foundation)

These trips helped to build perspective and learn invaluable lessons in diplomacy. (...and how to handle your liquor)

I had the good fortune to be exposed to many issues through participation on national committees such as the National Coaching Certification Program, the Skills Program, LibraryNet (Industry Canada) and the Provincial/Territorial Library Directors long friendships were forged from these meetings.

I am currently the Chairman of the Leisure Information Network (LIN), a member of the ACE Oversight Committee, an ongoing advocate for libraries, community development, the non profit/voluntary sector, conference presenter, political needler........

My youth was spent at the YMCA and at YMCA Camp Stephens where I was fortunate to have been a camper, counsellor, wilderness canoe tripper and Camp Director. (1956-1976)

I will do a separate post on my years with the Alberta Library Community....

2013 will be the 50th anniversary of the YMCA/YWCA Camp Stephens Wilderness Program.........where have all those years gone?

Future posts
...the Alberta leadership pool
...Library years...lessons learned as a newspaper boy (Winnipeg Free Press)

...not graduating from Gordon Bell High School
...Strategy for working with communities


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