A Long Pause Between Posts....

In November of 2010 I "posted" a sample blog referencing Remembrance Day and some thoughts I had at the time.

During the process I became frustrated with refining the blog and left it for another day.

Since 2010 my attention span & patience has not improved but my passion for libraries, the not for profit sector, community development, leadership, management and the provincial government activities has been rekindled.

With some help I hope I have overcome the issues that frustrated me back in 2010.

I hope that the posts will provide value to the reader.

I will continue to work out the Blog wrinkles with my helpline to Chris in London.

On the right you will find some blogs that I follow. Over the coming days that list will grow.

Also on the right is a heading called links list. The three listed are Paper.li "newspapers". They are collections of current Twitter posts grouped into three areas, libraries, nonprofits and management/leadership. The most useful one, in my opinion is the Library Daily as the posts are non commercial. The other two still need a lot of work to reduce the commercial content. A work in progress.

These should be valuable tools for connecting readers to information.

So back to work......


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