No One Told Me to Actually Publish the Blog

"You should blog Punch, you should share all those thoughts that are running around in your head".

So I created the blog and put one out introducing myself and set to work putting thoughts to the key board.

An interesting thing happened. I discovered that my concentration and focus is a bit suspect! Easily distracted by volunteer work, the Alberta election, thoughts of yard work to be done this summer, a trip to Iceland, the 50th Anniversary celebration of YMCA Camp Stephens Wilderness Program, Punch's Library Daily and two presentations in April.

Being on the other side of the volunteer table has been interesting to say the least (Chair - Leisure Information Network and advocate for the Active Creative Engaged Community Initiative of the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association) must be done after the meetings!!

I have now created draft blogs on; Alberta a Great Place for LIbraries, What's Next for Alberta Libraries, A National Year of Reading, Collaboration, Scraps of Paper from the Past (you have no idea of the thought scraps on napkins, beer coasters, and the three fold jacket pocket note paper), The Alberta Leadership Pool, The Ebook Challenge, Challenges and Successes (over the years) and Where Does Remembrance Day Fit.........

It seems easy to start these "thought streams" but not so easy to refine and complete.

I am amazed by some of the key leaders in libraries, community building, recreation and the voluntary sector who seem to be able to push out blogs, workshops, seminars, write papers, work eight hours at their jobs and Tweet consistently. (they could be the subjects of another blog thought stream) ........hmmm why do they do it?

Well I thought I'd just check in to let you know I'm still here and will try to be more week.


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