Role of Libraries in Remembrance Week

These soldiers could have been farming or mining or reporting the news or teaching school or inventing the internet or fighting for Aboriginal rights or writing books or volunteering or being artists, politicians, doctors nurses, bus drivers, public servants or librarians, instead they died so we could do those things.....

They deserve more than a poppy and a closed for the holiday day sign on our websites. Start planning how you and your organization will help educate and remember "their" contribution to Canada.

Why should libraries go out of their way to include something to remember veterans and those that gave their lives for Canada?

Libraries have many roles today but one of their biggest is contributing to an educated population. Part of the education process is understanding how we got to where we are today. A vital part of how we got to where we are today were two World Wars, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, many Peace Keeping missions and participation in the Afghanistan War. Thousands of young men & women gave their lives or suffered terrible wounds in these wars.

These young people gave up productive lives to go off to foreign lands to protect Canadians rights to free speech, right to assemble, right to an education, freedom to read what we want to read, right to vote, a right to a free press. They went off to defend others who were/are being tortured and oppressed. They went off to bring peace to war torn countries.

Libraries have the knowledge and the resources to educate new generations about the people and the sacricfices made to bring us our freedoms.

They deserve
"more than a poppy and a closed for the holiday sign on your website!"


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