Krishan C. Joshee - He Served the Community Well

Krishan C. Joshee, C.M.

Passed away peacefully February 25, 2014
"A remarkable visionary and recipient of the Order of Canada, Krishan Joshee has greatly helped shape the volunteer spirit of Alberta. He has always championed those most in need of government and community support, and in doing so is highly respected as one of Alberta’s truly great ambassadors - provincially, nationally and internationally. He is a founding member of the Mahatma Gandhi Canadian Foundation for World Peace, and served as a chair of the foundation’s advisory council for many years. He was also a founding member of the Edmonton Heritage Festival. Along with other numerous appointments, Mr. Joshee served as the Chairman of the Alberta Gaming Commission and the former Wild Rose Foundation, as well as a member of the Edmonton Police Commission and the Canadian Commission on Race Relations. Through all of his work, Mr. Joshee continues to be a model for commitment to community and engaged citizenship. He has left an indelible mark on his community and the province of Alberta.
Nominated by: Dr. Zaheer Lakhani, community member"  (Stars of Alberta recipient 2008)

When you work in Alberta's Voluntary Sector you couldn't help but know of Krishan Joshee. I got to know Krishan when I became the Executive Director of the Wildrose Foundation in 2004. He was a man who was absolutely committed to volunteers. He was one of those people who seems to command respect, because you realize very quickly that he had a great deal of experience and wisdom to share.

He showed he was a diplomat during the negotiations for a new Volunteer Exchange Program with Hokkaido Japan in 2004. Alberta wanted an agreement that was much more in-depth in the areas of volunteer development and he got his way through persuasive discussion.

In the middle of discussions on the Hokkaido Chernobyl project. A volunteer organization raising funds through the sale of used clothing to bring children to Hokkaido for respite during the summer months.His question was always "how can we help".

Krishan treated the staff of the Wildrose Foundation as if they were family. He was very demanding of the staff but he truly loved the group who supported and guided him all through his tenure as Chairman of the Foundation. He took the Wildrose Foundation out to the people & the community by holding Board meetings around the province so he, the Board and staff could hear first hand from those the Foundation served. Under Krishan's leadership the Wildrose Foundation supported many innovative initiatives in the voluntary not for profit sector.

Krishan was especially proud of Vitalize, the Wall of Fame , the Stars Awards and the work with Hokkaido.  He loved to speak at Vitalize and welcome the delegates each year. Staff would always prepare speaking notes for him. He followed them to a "T" except for the phrase voluntary sector.....he always inserted volunteers. Probably his way of telling us where the emphasis should be.

If we gave out Gold Medals for bringing people together Krishan would own it hands down for "Building Bridges" between communities, between people and organizations, he was the master.

Krishan understood politics....probably a huge understatement. He never abused his role and the wise politicians understood that his motives were honourable and always focused on the community and the volunteers.

Premier Ralph Klein appointed him "Chairman for life" of the Wildrose Foundation.

Dr. Yusho Miura and Krishan Joshee 
A Friendship that Shared a Common Vision between two men and two countries
One Man in Hokkaido and One Man in Alberta

Receiving QEII Diamond Jublilee Medal

Heart felt thanks to the Joshee Family for sharing Krishan with Albertans

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Inner City Youth Development Association


Debbie Hagman said…
I learned so much from Krishan as a board member doe Wild Rose in his meeting management and how he treated every person he met. He always remembered people's names and treated everyone with the utmost respect and focused on you and your talents!
He was a true gem nd a wonderful ambassador for Alberta.

He will be sadly missed and fondly remembered .

Debbie Hagman
punchj said…
So many stories where Krishan was directly involved in helping projects get started. One of his favourite projects was/is the Inner City High School started by Joe Cloutier, Ph.D, a former street kid.

Every December before Christmas Krishan would book a date and reserve a Board room in the Standard Life Centre next to the Wildrose Foundation staff area. He would show up with an old friend from the Chinese community (name escapes me). They were loaded down with Chinese food for a luncheon with the WRF staff. The Chinese friend owned a number of restaurants and he would go in a cook up the "Krishan Special"and go for lunch with his old friend. It was Krishan's way of saying thanks to his beloved staff.

Krishan enjoyed his politics!! He loved to play with you around predicting or "reading the tea leaves". I think he had more to do with making the tea than reading the leaves!
CripsyIII said…
Krishan was such a lovely man - one always felt appreciated when in his presence. His passion and dedication never wavered! He will be sorely missed, however his legacy will live on.
Reva Joshee said…
Punch,on behalf of the family I just want to thank you for doing this. Dad loved working with you and had the greatest respect for you. He had a blast as Chair of WRF. It seemed to be the thing that the rest of his life had prepared him for and all of you there were part of his extended family. Bless you all for the love and support you always gave him.

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