Preparing for the National Recreation Event Fall 2014

Below are some great background readings that participants should review.
The key to a successful event will be the answer to what are "our" NEXT STEPS what do you want Provincial Ministers to move forward on?

It is vital that you think about this as the future of Recreation is in your hands.

Looking at a few key resources that helped build the recreation foundation for Canada.

Elora Prescription: A Future for Recreation Ken Balmer 1978

Papers from the National Recreation Summit

The Evolution of the Recreation and Parks Field in Canada  Brian Johnston, Donald Hunter & Bill Webster 2011

Policy Imperatives for Recreation, Sport and Physical Activity: Re-examining Foundations  Tim Burton 2011

 New Maps for New Times: A Fresh Look at Persons and Communities Ruben Nelson 2011
"Why have we in parks and recreation failed to fulfill the deepest aspirations that fuel our movement?"

Changing Notions of Public Good: Paying for Public Recreation  Dave Whitson 2011

A Canadian Vision for Recreation and Parks: Examining Existing Conventions, Frameworks and Declarations Claire Tucker-Reid  2011

Rethinking Leisure Services Ken Balmer 2011

Some wonderful perspectives on the recreation sector, its delivery system and options.

It begs some questions as we head into the National Recreation Framework discussions in 2014;
Is recreation still relevant for Canadians in 2014?
Is the recreation delivery system still viable?
Do provincial governments still have a leadership role for the recreation agenda?
Has the Federal Government dictated the recreation agenda by not having responsibility for recreation but playing a major role in Sport and Physical Activity?
Are we clear on the inter-relationships of Recreation, Sport and Physical Activity at the local level where a significant portion of the action takes place?
Is there a VISION for the full scope of recreation?
Is there an understanding of the FULL SCOPE of recreation?

Now that is worthy of much more discussion!!
There must be more to this chart...


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