Preparing for The National Summit on Recreation

I'm starting to get antsy about the National Summit on Recreation.

Approximately 100 people will recommend directions for Recreation in Canada for the foreseeable future.

Huge responsibility trying to get it close to right.

Quite a challenge for organizers to create a process that can integrate the thinking of the "tree people" and the "forest people".

Most of us will be bringing the thoughts of colleagues we have consulted but the success of the event will be in the assimilation of the thinking of an entire process that began back in Lake Louise in the Fall of 2011.

Getting it close to right means  dealing with issues of  lack of communication across our vast country, a siloed culture, determining the "to do" list and identifying roles within the massive framework then opening the gate for a who does what; Physical literacy, leisure education, Report Cards on Physical Activity, under funding, active living an attitude or active living an organizational structure, after school programs, recreation the backbone for sport et al, recreation the community building tool, information sharing, to research recreation or everything else, ........positioning everything for review by Provincial/Territorial Ministers in Prince George early in 2015.

Huge challenge with ten provinces and three territories, 12 provincial associations (assuming Quebec is not participating), academic institutions, national and provincial non profit organizations, individuals and the entire spectrum of personalities represented by the "100". Federal involvement no but.....

Very exciting........

It is a time for passing the torch!! This is definitely not a time for re-inventing the wheel!! Learn from the past, build on its foundation and get us to a new plateau.

....yah but........


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